All of our pricing is ala carte, but starts at a base fee of $150 for the assembly of a demo reel from 3-5 scenes already in accepted file formats as listed below. This includes two customer edit requests and basic titles.  

Although this is the basic, know that anything is possible. For example, are you frustrated with your current edit and want a fresh take added in, but don’t have the time or know how? We can totally help you out.

We can cut and output your Reel as an HD or SD video file and/or DVD. We can also set up a website, help you brand your YouTube Page, or possibly modify an existing website for an extra cost.

Accepted formats for Reels:
-Any video file ending in .mp4 or .mov
-Any video codec such as h.264, ProRes, Mpeg-4.
-Audio Files such as Mp3, WAV, AIFF.

Formats that will require a quote:
-Any tape based format (VHS, MiniDV, HDCAM, etc...)
-Any Disc based format (DVD, Blu-ray)
-Any proprietary video file format (.AVI, .WMV, .MKV, etc...)
-Any Video formats either web-streaming or containing DRM (iTunes M4a Files, Google Play Video, YouTube, Vimeo, etc...) [This option may also require express legal permission from any applicable copyright holders.]


Do you have footage from a scene that you don’t know what to do with?

Do you need a trailer for your film or promo reel for your live presentation services?

Not in the performance industry, but want to promote your brand or product, so you had some one film you, but now don’t know how you can make that footage work for you?

Simply bring us your footage, ideas, and/or pictures and we’ll help produce a video that works for you.  Pricing starts at $500 for an original edit and post-production direction, but each project will receive a specific quote for it’s needs.