Meet the Producers: Elizabeth Theiss

 Meet one of our producers, Elizabeth, and get to know The Other One by getting to know the people behind the camera.

Movie Producer Elizabeth Theiss

Elizabeth Theiss holds a degree in Film & Video, and has been an associate producer for award-winning short films and the soon to be released feature film, The Alley Cat, filmed in Chicago last summer.In addition to producing The Other One with Sterling Rock Productions, Elizabeth has production managed and is associate producing Prescription Home Performance, The Cost of History, and in working in development on the feature film, Beautiful Little Fools.

Behind The Scenes: Meet the Crew will be a new series of videos on our official YouTube Channel, so make sure to subscribe so you can meet the crew and hear their personal connections to the film!

The People of Galena Steal our Hearts

 We have been overwhelmed by the talent, kindness and support we have received from the people of Galena, IL.  This is definitely an AMAZING PLACE to shoot and we have loved everyone’s kindness.

Galena Illinois local support for feature film The Other One

This morning, on our last day, we had another local, just swing by the house bearing gifts of Chewy Peanut Butter Bars, Oatmeal Jumble Bars, Cuties, and individually wrapped trail mix bags.  

One special shout out needs to be made to the father of our little local star Cole, Chad Kruse.  One very important prop had been forgotten back in Chicago, a man’s wedding band, and he graciously offerred his, not only for the day we were shooting but for the time being, until we finished the shoot!  This is such an important piece of jewelry not only for the film, but for him personally, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the generous share.


The Other One Youtube Channel

 Did we mention we are shooting a 90 page script in 10 days?

Assistant Directors gasp…

Producers, raise your eyebrows.

Everyone else… say “wow.”

We’ll be shooting behind the scenes interviews and footage through out the shoot to get you in on the action.  Since it’s tight and not close to Chicago we won’t really have time for guests on set, but you don’t have to worry, because through our YouTube channel we are coming to you.  Subscribe and stay tuned!