24 hrs of Declarations | Thanks & Laughs

Thanks to all who participated in our 24 hrs of declarations project yesterday, 10/2. In case you missed them, they are all located in our playlist here: http://bit.ly/1guZhw1.

Another, and very important non-violent act, is laughter. It is important to sometimes be able to laugh at ourselves and shake things off. So here is a blooper reel from some of our declarations. Enjoy!

Help us Celebrate the International Day of Non-Violence on October 2!

Yes, that is like...tomorrow! 

October 2nd is the official International Day of Non-Violence, which I know you already have on your calendar, and in an effort to continue the support of non-violence, we want to post 24 hours of declarations. Our goal is to share 1 video an hour starting at 12AM up until 11PM, and we want to post YOU!

All you would have to do is make a 30 second - 1 minute video of how you keep peace in your life and declare your world non-violent. Literally, just you and your camera phone. Just as easy as a Vine. Then you can upload it to Dropbox, or if its short and sweet, just email it from your phone.

And please be as creative as you want, seriously. We just ask they are no longer than two minutes.

So what should you talk about? Check out previously posted DNV's on our YouTube for a better idea http://bit.ly/1guZhw1.

Please email your video to Liz@SterlingRockProductions.com no later then 5PM today to join in the conversation! For more information and to sign up via Dropbox please visit www.TheOtherOneMovie.com.

& if you don't make a video, make sure to give a shout to Ghandi for his 144th birthday!