Week Five | Thank Yous + Set Life blog with actor Jesse Bob Harper!

Another week, another round of thank yous - and this time from actor Jesse Bob Harper who plays Jett in The Other One! Jesse wants to give a huge thank you to everyone who supported, we had some very generous contributions come our way this week. 

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Take a look at the time on set of The Other One through the eyes of Jesse, and then scroll down to see his gratitude!

Jesse Bob Harper in the role of Jett

Jesse Bob Harper in the role of Jett

What was your job on "The Other One?"

Actor - I played the role of Jett. 

What was your favorite moment on set during production?

Sitting back and watching people, from cast to crew, who take their jobs very seriously get the job done.

 What was your favorite moment off set?

Trail running in the early mornings...

Working for 10 days straight and then two pickup days fairly soon after leads to much exhaustion.  How did you keep yourself fresh and focused during such an intense time?

Nicotine gum...

Without being a spoiler on the story, what was the most surprising thing that happened to you?

Learning how to execute “Round' the world on a yoyo...

KEN_Jesse Harper.JPG

What was the biggest lesson you learned from this film that you will use on your next production experience?

That there is always time for patience...

Do you have a reel, website, or do you want to tell us a little bit more about yourself and how people can follow your career/ reach out to you?

www.JesseBobHarper.com and www.Facebook.com/JesseBobHarper