Melissa Lawrenz talks about the HP Z820

The HP Z820 RED Edition Workstation was a vital element in the post process while on set of The Other One.  Director Joe Steiff wanted me to edit the film while on set to make sure that we were getting everything that was needed for the edit.  Since the shoot was very short and intense, it was helpful to see a cut of a scene before we left the location.


DIT and Assistant Editor Andrew Niemchick was able to take the dailies from the Red camera and utilize the built in RED Mag reader to copy the footage to our external drives.  The speed of transfer on the station is amazing and it turned a usually slow task into a quick one.  Once copied and checked, Andrew was able to use the installed RED Rocket card and RedCineX to transcode the dailies into Avid MXF media so that I could start editing immediately.


The speed and processing power of the HP Z820 Red Edition Workstation is incomparable to any other computer setup I've worked with prior to this film and it saved us so much time in the processing of dailies.  I could take a scene that was just shot and start editing it within an hour.  Having a scene to show the director at the end of that day of filming put him at ease and allowed us to discuss the scene and not just talk about the dailies.  I wouldn’t have been able to get that much work done without the use of the HP computer.  By the end of the shoot I had a full assembly of the film and was ready to move on to the rough cut. 

By Melissa Lawrenz, Editor of The Other One

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