Cutting Edge Collaborators: Women Achieving in Film

Here it is!  Video clips from the amazing panel I had the honor of speaking on at the Cannes Film Festival hosted by Hewlett Packard.  Here's the official description and all of the official videos are below.

The numbers for women in film have historically been slim but the tides are turning, particularly in independent film. Through advocacy, action and creative collaborations, women in film are changing the landscape of the industry.  At this panel, hosted by HP, filmmakers discuss how technology and positive persistence moved their projects forward, breathing new life into independent filmmaking. HP is proud to showcase women redefining independence and achieving in documentary and independent dramatic filmmaking at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.  

Panel Participants:
Helen O’Hara (moderator/ not pictured) – Film Journalist
Kylie Flavell- TV Host, Producer, DP & Editor
Grace McPhillips- Actress and Executive Producer of The Other One, Sterling Rock Productions
Komal Minhas- Producer of Dream, Girl and Owner of KoMedia, Inc.
Susie Wilson- Producer at Dwarf Labs
Kate Perotti- Producer of Heatstroke, (Gus Van Sant EP) and CEO of Edendale Pictures


CLICK HERE to see full bios and a DEMO REEL of all of our work.


"Making it happen... It's never too late... I did it for me... Not waste time and teach myself... I need to help bring this story to life."  -Panelists from HP Cutting Edge Collaborators: Women Achieving in Film

For women in the film industry is it important to be multi-skilled?

"It's imperative so you can have empathy for the crew you're working with." -Kylie Flavell

"Give yourself permission." - Grace McPhillips

"Never ask someone something that you wouldn't be able to do yourself." -Kate Perotti

What is the best way for women to get into film production?

"Show up and follow through. Don't be scared of MONEY."
-Komal Minhas

"You can't tell yourself it's not meant to be... you can make it work."  -Kylie Flavell

"Life is so busy... email them again and email them again."
-Grace McPhillips

What are the major barriers for women in film production?

"Self Sabotage. Sometimes you have to talk yourself off the cliff."  -Grace McPhillips
"Over thinking things... mindfulness is important... I go looking for snakes!"  -Susie Wilson
"I think we get caught up in taking care of others... we've got to take care of ourselves."  -Kate Perotti
"Don't be so hard on yourself.  Everything takes time."  
-Komal Minhas
"While you're waiting, just keep working. If you're waiting for that filmmaking fairy godmother- you can waste your whole life not being creative."  -Kylie Flavell

How do you encourage more women into film production?

"We are the wave... How can the media help? ...the media needs to be in this room, and they need to not compare me, Grace McPhillips the "Independent Female Filmmaker" with Lana Wachowski the "Independent Female Filmmaker." -Grace McPhillips

"In a decade two thirds of consumer wealth will belong to women... It's an economic choice if we want to move past the moral choice that we are here representing."  -Komal Minhas

Cannes Cutting Edge Collaborators: women Achieving in Film Q&A

"Have any of you been to film school?"

"How do you make Hollywood films in a male dominated world?"

"How do you feel about transgender roles and does it compliment the women in film movement?"

"I've been told I say "SORRY" to much... How do you stop saying sorry?"

"Where is the money in an online premiere?"

"Can you recommend production finance companies, investors, or distributors who are sympathetic to women's films?"

"What organizations have you been a member of that have helped you get to where you are today?"

"How do you maintain your femininity when on set without being or feeling discriminated?"

"What do you look for in a production designer, or your crew?"

"Being a woman, has your appearence been a factor in what you are doing professionally?"

And... I drop a bit of a truth bomb at the end in regards to Women's Film Festivals.  Thankfully it's one that is changing, but sadly for my film the timing has passed.  Hopefully the definition of the female filmmaker will continue to expand and we'll see more and more women in all roles of filmmaking.

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And enormous THANKS to Hewlett Packard for continuing this conversation and celebrating women who are making it happen!  

This panel was a terrific success with, as you can see, standing room only, and another 453 people were streaming the conversation live on Perioscope.  

And... I'd be remiss if I wasn't able to thank the MANY people who helped put this panel together from the HP Team in Europe- Cesare Zavalloni, Delphine Simiand, Danelle White, Nikhil Kalanjee, Adam Lannon, Jean-Pierre La Calvez and Marie Odile-Guenin, our friends at Doremus- Heather Moorehouse and Josh Feldberg, George Lenny at Edelman, and the US team who brought the first panel to Sundance and helped nurture that conversation into this panel at Cannes, Rick Champagne, Rick Hohmann, Penny Malsch, and Robert Dieterle.  Your support of the independent female filmmaker is AWESOME.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

On a final note of thanks we co-promoted our panel along with the panel- Women Make Great Movies: Strategies for Success which was equally well attended and made some great points towards the necessity of quotas to turn the tides since we know that cultural perceptions won't change soon enough.  This was all started by Melissa Silverstein who is a great champion for Women in Film. If you believe in supporting female filmmakers, and I know you do because you made it all the way to the bottom of my blog, please share #seehernow and join the movement. Our collective helping hands is the way up!