Cinema Without Borders interview with Grace McPhillips

Bijan Tehrani:  How did you come up with the idea of making THE OTHER ONE?
Grace McPhillips: My film THE OTHER ONE was originally a short film I had been cast in, but that had never been made.  It was a script that haunted me, spurred my imagination towards different story lines, and I saw the film fit perfectly in a location I knew I had pretty unlimited access to. So when it came time for me to produce and star in a feature, that screenplay immediately came to mind.

The short was only 15 pages and a feature needs to be closer to 85 pages, so we, the other lead actors and the director, took a collaborative creation approach and we developed a storyline and script within 3 months and immediately went into filming.

BT:  You are an independent producer and filmmaker with an extensive background in arts, has that background helped you as a filmmaker?
GM: Having a diverse background in the arts is super helpful for perspective and gumption.  I was mostly dancing, singing, and acting in musical theater prior to film, but choreographed in addition to performing, which is a lot like producing and starring.  It's deciding how you want the cake to be made and then being the one who walks out with it on your finest cake platter.

Latest review on "The Other One" from Indie Outlook


Film critic Matt Fagerholm of The Ebert Company sat down with Grace McPhillips to discuss our latest screening of 'The Other One' at the Chicago International Film Festival, our upcoming special presentation as part of the Beloit International Film Festival, and what 2015 will hold for the film!

"Written and directed by Josef Steiff (“SoulMaid”), the film invites viewers to be an active participant in the ever-twisting plot, unspooling the mysteries along with the characters."

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Another Great Review of The Other One at the Milwaukee Film Festival!

Kat Froehlich, DJ for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, saw the first screening of The Other One at the Milwaukee Film Festvial and had some great things to say about it! Here's one of our favorite sections from the review:

"I was frustrated for the 24 hours following this film, but now that I’ve had a little time to digest my confusion, I recommend seeing it. Despite my difficulties in piecing together the storyline, the theme of coping with death and loss has its shining moments. This film had me talking into the night with my peers about imagery and symbolism; and if a film (or any art form) can get its audience talking about greater meanings in life, then I believe it’s a job well done." 

After the screening, she met with lead actress/Executive Producer Grace McPhillips and had this to say:

"Imagine my surprise when I found myself suddenly face-to-face with “Amber,” who is actually an energetic, smiling, bright and beautiful human with a sparkling personality. There’s something to be said about an actor that’s willing to check his / her glamour at the door to play a role in a less-than-lovely light.  This was one of those rare and refreshing moments."

You can read the full review here (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!).