Zelda...Is that you?

Written and Directed by Carrie Stett, starring Neil Jackson and Grace McPhillips
full credits below

If you've been keeping tabs on Sterling Rock Productions, you'll know Zelda Fitzgerald is one of the reasons we got ourselves into all of this mess, known as the film industry.  That and the fact that I have always known I wanted to be an actress and fate would have it that I would grow up under that legend of Zelda (the real one.)  I'll have to blog on that more extensively after Cannes.  What you see above is a short film concept for Beautiful Little Fools, independent of the feature we intend to make.  NO the film is not made, but if you'd love to see it made sign up below and let me know your thoughts.  We want to gather all the Fitzgerald fanatics behind this film and honor our Alabama Sister and her equally talented husband, Scott.  


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Full Credits
Producer- Grace McPhillips
Producer- Erica Schmeck
Associate Producer- Corbett Lunsford
Production Assistant- Jen Bendik
Production Manager- Maritza Cabrera
Director- Carrie Stett
Doug/Scott- Neil Jackson
Zelda/Zelda- Grace McPhillips
Director of Photography- Kuba Zalezek
Sound- Thomas Snodgrass
Boom Operator- Corbett Lunsford
Gaffer- Kevin Pittman
Grip- Bill Coleman
Hair and Make-up- Lisa Ribar
Art Department- Stacy Adimski
Location Thanks- Jay Judah
VFX Suprevisor- John Michaels
VFX- Protokulture
Editor & Colorist- Andrew Neimchick
Music- Corbett Lunsford