Set Life | Makeup and Hair Artist Jennifer Brown

Taking a look at the time on set of The Other One through the eyes of the cast & crew!

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What was your job on "The Other One?"

I was the head makeup and hair artist.

What was your favorite moment on set during production?

I think one of my favorite moments was when we filmed the first scene between Vera, Amber and Jett (Nancy, Grace and Jesse). It was incredible to see the intensity play between them. I'd been working with them individually for days before this happened, and as soon as they were in the room together, it was like fireworks. It was truly gripping and fun to watch.



What was your favorite moment off set?

I feel obligated to mention the hot tub! We had rented houses for the cast and crew to stay in and the ladies' house had a hot tub. We made great use of it after long production days! My favorite was probably when we scheduled dinner at the girls' house and we somehow managed to get 18 people (cast, crew, production, etc), into the hot tub at once! It was ridiculous, hilarious, and we had a great time. It was a moment when we all really got to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Working for 10 days straight and then two pickup days fairly soon after leads to much exhaustion.  How did you keep yourself fresh and focused during such an intense time?

It was exhausting! I just tried to keep somewhat of a routine involved. I would wake up and do some stretching, have a nice breakfast and drive myself to set. I would make sure to pick up healthy snack items (veggies, peanut butter on an apple, etc), and to drink lots of water. I was also lucky enough to have an incredible assistant artist to help pick up the slack. If either of us was feeling a little sluggish, the other one was ready to go!

Without being a spoiler on the story, what was the most surprising thing that happened to you?

There were a lot of surprising elements to this story! I'm not sure how to NOT spoil the film! You'll just have to watch it :)

   Jen touching up actress Nancy Sellers right before her call to set

 Jen touching up actress Nancy Sellers right before her call to set

What was the biggest lesson you learned from this film that you will use on your next production experience?

I learned a lot on this set. Every time I work on a film production, I figure out better ways to keep up with continuity - this one was by far the best. There were so many wardrobe changes in this film (30? 40? something like that), and it was definitely a test for me to keep up with making sure the makeup/hair matched each look.

Do you have a reel, website, or do you want to tell us a little bit more about yourself and how people can follow your career or reach out to you?

I am a freelance makeup artist based in Chicago but I love to travel! You can view the bulk of my work on my website, and you can also (please!) connect with me via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter-- all of which can be directly linked from the website :)