School Violence Issue Tackled in ‘Eclipse’ a Prequel to Indie Feature Film ‘The Other One’

Independent Film Producer Grace McPhillips brings light to the social cause of Non-Violence through a narrative embracing survivors of school violence and cross promoting with activist organizations Cure Violence, Build Chicago, UCAN and others with “Declare Non Violence Videos,” (DVNs).  The first set of DNVs will be released online in August, after the launch of the film’s second fundraising campaign through the crowd funding platform, Indiegogo, on August 1st.

Inspired by Participant Media’s belief that social action can be brought about through good storytelling, Independent Film Producer and Actress Grace McPhillips has creatively produced the feature film The Other One, following the story of a survivor of school violence, but is not stopping there.  A prequel short film set to hit the festival market and be exhibited online, entitled Eclipse, will specifically bring to light what belongs in school- children, education, and peace- and what should never be present in schools: violence.

The Other One’s production team is partnering with Cure Violence, Build Chicago, UCAN and other organizations promoting peace, reconciliation, and nonviolence. They will also film local youth with the cast and crew for interstitial videos speaking out against school violence.  The “Declare Non-Violence Videos,” will then be hosted and promoted online to encourage others to join the conversation and upload their own videos to a dedicated YouTube Channel for the film’s activism.

After filming for 2 weeks in Galena, IL, the filmmakers just wrapped production in Chicago and at Bridgeport Catholic Academy.  Declare Non-Violence footage will be filmed simultaneously and throughout post-production, building to an official release of the short film Eclipse online and pre-screening in Chicago in late fall.  The full feature The Other One will move into the festival circuit in the fall/winter with a VOD/Theatrical Release aimed for the Spring.

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