The Other One Is Alive and Well

One day in and we’ve already had strong winds, snow, rain and sun.  Most of it on camera.  Oh, and we made our day (which just means we had a certain number of scenes to shoot on our first day and we got them done).  Right on time with all the breaks like clockwork.

Right now, we’re prepping to go to location for our second day of filming.  Coffee is dripping.  Breakfast is eaten.  Sun is shining.

We’ve got an amazing crew and cast from Chicago and the Galena area.  Like all film productions, it’s as much about the ability to be flexible and problem solve as it is about good planning.  And we’ve been doing both.  [Reread my first sentence if you're curious why.]

Yesterday we shot several key moments with Amber adjusting back to life at the farmhouse in the Galena Territory, as well as Amber and Brooke slowly getting reacquainted along the Apple River in Hanover.  Today Amber sees her in-laws for the first time in several years, played by two amazing actors (Galena native Ron Jenkins and Chicagoan Pam Tierney).

Tonight we get to roast marsh mellows and drink hot chocolate around the fire (okay, Cait and Grace will be doing it on camera as Brooke and Amber, but when you see the film you might want to count how many sticks are actually in the fire — it’s going to hard to keep crew from dipping in).

So it’s going to be a good day.