Set Life | Actress Nancy Sellers playing Vera Collier

Taking a look at the time on set of The Other One through the eyes of the cast & crew!

Actress Nancy Sellers in The Other One

What was your job on “The Other One?”

I played Vera, Amber’s mother, who is slipping into dementia from isolation and the weight of the secrets she has kept for so long. Vera and Amber must find a way to help one another face life again.

What was your favorite moment on set during production?

My own favorite line is not Vera’s plaintive refrain of “Help me,” but a moment when I recall and “address” my late son as “such a beautiful boy…a good boy…my first-born.” It was a rare expression of love from Vera as she begins to improve. And any moment with the incomparable Grace McPhillips playing opposite you is going to offer lots of real connection and possibility.

 What was your favorite moment off set?

We shot off a potato gun Audio Jesse made from PVC, a switch and a chamber for hair spray. BOOM! That, and 15 folks in the hot tub! A close and friendly cast & crew!

Working for 10 days straight and then two pickup days fairly soon after leads to much exhaustion.  How did you keep yourself fresh and focused during such an intense time?

I followed my own advice:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Limit trips to the craft table
  • Get outdoors for breaks if at all possible
  • Be nice and helpful to all
  • Know your lines and don’t bump into furniture (Spencer Tracy)
  • Remember how lucky you are to be doing what you love with others who love it too!
Actress Nancy Sellers with Actress-Producer Grace McPhillips on set in The Other One

Without being a spoiler on the story, what was the most surprising thing that happened to you?

My character completely changed her trajectory.

 What was the biggest lesson you learned from this film that you will use on your next production experience?

Simplify, simplify. Don’t gloss over “the moment before” – have it clearly in mind. Remember the camera’s scale, so keep it small and real – just think it. No acting please!

Do you have a reel, website, or do you want to tell us a little bit more about yourself and how people can follow your career or reach out to you?

My career trajectory is changing and expanding, too. I’ve just been cast as a butch communist feminiNe-studies college professor in a new indie feature, KILLING POE. Connect with me through Facebook or my website for an engaged collaborator.