Reflections from David: Actor Brian Crawford

Crew of The Other One looking in on David (Brian Crawford) looking in on Amber (actress Grace McPhillips)

 What a great day... the sun was shining (no more April snows), the house was coming to life with personal touches, the cast and crew were fantastic and at night we had a campfire to boot.  Being able to watch everyone so carefully and lovingly jump into this project has been a real gift.  As David I am afforded the opportunity to take in, to gently observe. And that state is such a rare one in our busy world.  Plus, I got to do half of this in my pj’s, so thumbs up to that as well.

The shot you see here is one of four angles on the same scene.  I love that.  I love that film affords the opportunity to see things– people, events, etc– from multiple angles. Things shift constantly, and then other times it is just a long, driven continuous shot.