Written by: CARRIE STETT | Executive Producer: GRACE MCPHILLIPS | Filming Location: MONTGOMERY, AL

Beautiful Little Fools is an engaging mix of drama (both present day and historical), Southern fried comedy and social satire.  The stories of modern day Zelda Stone, our protagonist, and literary legend Zelda Fitzgerald (Zelda) are interwoven as Zelda learns about her namesake and reads her biography.  We bounce from present day to the Twenties, Thirties and Forties seamlessly as Zelda becomes influenced by Zelda Fitzgerald’s rich, yet complex life.  The transitions are made with connecting visuals such as coffee cup being set down in the present and picked up in the past.  Other films in this vein include Fried Green Tomatoes and Big Fish.

Here is a short film concept for Beautiful Little Fools, independent of the feature we intend to make.  NO the film is not made, but if you'd love to see it made sign up below and let us know your thoughts.  We want to gather all the Fitzgerald fanatics behind this film and honor our Alabama Sister and her equally talented husband, Scott.  

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