Grace McPhillips, founder and executive creative producer of Sterling Rock Productions

SRP is a film company specializing in positive stories about strong women, history, and literature.  The firm fine-tunes its personal connection with its audience during production, and successfully funded its first feature The Other One through crowd-funding via social media.

While women represent half of the moviegoing public, stories about women are largely overlooked by the studio system. SRP, headed by creative producer Grace McPhillips, delivers soulful screen content created outside the corporate world to an audience eager to participate and contribute.

Executive Producer

GRACE MCPHILLIPS founded SRP because the movies she wanted to see were not being made.  She has served on the Boards of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild Midwest and the Illinois Production Alliance (which lobbies for tax incentives in the film industry), where she spearheaded an initiative to bring the production of major motion pictures and television shows to Chicago. She also founded the 501c3 Chicago Acting in Film Meetup, a professional support group of over 150 screen actors.

Associate Producer

ELIZABETH THEISS holds a degree in Film & Video, and has been an associate producer for award-winning short films and a recent feature film, Alley Cat. She works on screen content production for both Green Dream Group and Sterling Rock Productions, including Prescription Home Performance, The Cost of History, and Beautiful Little Fools.


CORBETT LUNSFORD manages SRP's design, music, and web presence. He has released five albums under the name Mysteriam, and produces the podcasts The Producers Patio and The Building Performance Podcast. He has produced and hosted over 60 educational videos for Green Dream Group's YouTube channel, and is the creator of the book Home Performance Diagnostics and the Proof Is Possible U.S. Tour.